What’s The Best Face Wash for Acne Prone Skin ?

What’s The Best Face Wash for Acne Prone Skin

The face is one of the most important parts of the body, especially for women. Has a beautiful face, clean and shine is the desire of every woman. Therefore, appropriate treatment and will actually help improve the charismatic yourself. Dirt on your face is very influential in your activity a day – a day, but that does not mean those who move in the room did not have dirt as well. Therefore, a minimum morning and before bed is a mandatory program for you to clean your face.

How to choose a facial cleanser that is suitable and appropriate

Nowadays a lot of products – products facial cleansers on the market, of course the selection of such products must be selective as possible, do not choose a product that would damage your face. For those of you who have difficulty choosing suitable products facial cleanser , it is good to know the characteristics of the skin so it is not confused in choosing a suitable product. The following kinds of facial skin characteristics:

Normal skin

Scientifically, normal skin is skin that has a water content and oil content are balanced. The characteristics of the skin is normal to have small pores and if the touch was smooth. Cleanser appropriate for the characteristics of normal skin type is to use soft abrasive cleaners – free or neutral PH cleaner air.

Dry skin

The characteristics of dry skin is a little flaky and dry look. For the selection of suitable cleaning cleaners type of cleanser that is gentle and contains granules scrub. If the cleaner is used on dry skin, little by little can help exfoliate cells – dead cells in the skin so the skin will look more refreshed than usual. Remember, avoid cleansers foam or foam type, because it can lead to the face becomes dry.

Sensitive skin

Sensitive skin is skin that is prone to several factors, both internal factors, such as stress and external factors eg extreme environmental influences. To treat this type of skin, it is advisable to use cleaner with a composition made from natural ingredients that are free of chemicals so that treatment can be better targeted.


After knowing the types of skin, then you should already be able to decide which type of cleanser is suitable to serve as your facial cleanser. Make no mistake in choosing which later can actually damage your face.

Conclusion: It is important before choosing the bestĀ face wash for acne proneĀ skin , it is better to know the types of facial skin first.